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Ange and Naomi DiBona are the photographers who own DNA Media�D for DiBona, N for Naomi and A for Ange. We began our photographic career over 30 years ago and have taken our lifelong passion of action photography to the next level. We started our career using Minolta film cameras and in 1999 purchased our first digital camera. Since that time, we have made the switch from film to the Canon Digital SLR cameras. This decision was a costly one since it meant we needed to purchase all new equipment including Canon professional lenses and a few third party ones.

Equipment: We currently shoot with 1D MK II, 1D and 10D cameras. Our vast array of lenses allows us to shoot in any environment including the lighting challenges that indoor photography poses.

In order to capture fast race cars or quick moving soccer players, we shoot with a 400mm f2.8 and a 300mm f2.8 lens. Moving indoors and lacking bright light, we began our search for faster lenses in order to capture the quick movements of gymnasts or hockey players. For these shoots we use our 200mm f1.8 and 135mm f2.0. To round out our collection we also use a 70-200mm f2.8 and a 20-35mm f2.8 and two Sigma lenses: 135-400mm f4.5-5.6 and a 28-105mm f2.8-4.0.

One of the most difficult aspects of shooting is color balance. We have been able to achieve this by using an Expodisc. We feel this is the fastest and most accurate method of color balance. It has proven to be effective when the photos are checked with their histograms.

Subject: We enjoy shooting vintage auto racing, motorcycle racing, soccer, baseball, hockey, and gymnastics and will continue to broaden our base with wrestling, volleyball, softball, and other action sports. We also enjoy shooting wildlife, doing portraits and general still photography when time permits.

We have been fortunate to establish a relationship with Victory Lane magazine. Victory Lane is one of the leading vintage and historic racing news magazines in the world. We have had many of our vintage race photos published in this magazine. These photos are posted in our galleries section.

Youth Sports: For the past few months, we have focused primarily on shooting youth sports. We have been in awe of the talent that we have seen. We have found ourselves watching their performances and have managed to miss some great shots as we watched for the landing or to see whether a goal would be made. Not to worry�we have captured many of the gravity defying jumps that the gymnasts have exhibited and the skating madness that occurs at a hockey game.

Soccer--we know a lot about soccer since our son, Tim, played competitively from a young age through high school. It has been a pleasure to watch soccer athletes once again. Because we are very familiar with this sport, we have been able to anticipate the action that we are trying to capture.

It is our goal to provide professional and memorable photos at an affordable price. If you do not see yourself in our gallery, please contact us. We have many more photos archived in our computer system. Your comments, suggestions, questions and requests are welcome. Thanks for viewing our site� Ange and Naomi.